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How to Decorate Your Home & Outdoor Space For At-Home Celebrations

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Having a party? Then you won’t want to forget the decorations! Half the fun of any party is transforming your house and lawn into a vibrant party space for everyone to enjoy. If you want to know how to decorate your home or lawn for a party, consider the following guide to help you get started.

Decorating the Lawn

The lawn is the first thing that your party guests will see, so you should go all out! The easiest way to decorate your lawn for a party is by sticking up yard signs. Yard signs can include yard sign greetings; or if you’re hosting a birthday party, you can stick up a birthday sign in fun and vibrant colors. You can decorate more lawn space by using individual letter signs to spell out greetings or birthday wishes rather than using a singular large sign for yard.

Other lawn decorations aside from yard signs can include balloons in a variety of shapes and colors, streamers, or large inflatable decor. Remember to keep your decorations cohesive by choosing matching colors and themes use across your lawn, backyard and home.

Remember this important tip for choosing a birthday sign, letter signs, or other party sign for yard options: Go big! You will want these yard sign greetings to be visible from the street as people drive by to find your place.

Decorating your Backyard

If you plan to host the party fully or partially in your backyard, then you won’t want to skimp on the outdoor decorations! Backyard decorations should be a little more practical than large yard signs for your front yard. Consider using smaller items like balloons, streamers, and decorative table cloths to make sure you have room for your guests to move and socialize.

If your party has a theme, make sure to pick decorations that match! For instance, if you’re hosting a mermaid-themed birthday party for your daughter, look for ocean-themed decorations such as seashells to use as centerpieces, fish-shaped balloons, matching mermaid-themed party plates, etc.

Fun tip: If your party is set for later in the evening, hang up fairy lights or a string of paper lanterns to add ambiance and lighting to your backyard space.

Decorating Your Home

If your party guests will be heading inside, you should make sure your home has some fun party touches as well. Home decorations can range from party balloons and streamers to more inside-friendly touches, such as hanging banners, decorative bowls filled with party treats, colorful centerpieces, decorative walls for photo ops, and more.

Remember to keep the party theme or color scheme in mind when choosing indoor decorations!

Decorating your home and lawn for a party is a fun and creative way to create a vibrant, exciting place for your party guests. A few decorative touches such as balloons, streamers and signs can go a long way towards transforming your home from an ordinary space into an extra-fun party central.

And remember the most important tip when it comes to decorating your home for any party: have fun!

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