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Creative Ways to Party During This Pandemic

With the COVID-19 breakout altering how people socialize and connect with others since the start of 2020, it is quite amazing to see just how creative and adaptable us humans really are. As social distancing became the new norm, so did seeing those sign greetings, lawn decorations, birthday signs, and graduation décor on lawns, celebrating meaningful events that would have otherwise been a large party.

Though drive-by events/parades were always present, they have sky rocked now more than ever before. If you are thinking about hosting one of your own, here are some creative ways that you can make your drive by event during this pandemic a unique and memorable one.

Planning the Perfect Drive by Event

  • Pick A Date: First and foremost, pick a future date for your event to take place, and make sure that you notify the people you want to drive by. This part is entirely custom to your specific event theme and desires, but as a rule of thumb, give everyone a few weeks heads up so they can carve out the time to make it.

  • Get Your Décor in Order: From investing in balloons, music, lawn decorations, to sign greetings, make sure you do all of this in advance as well, so you have everything all ready to go for the big day. Fun tip, the more colorful and extravagant, the better!

  • Ask Your Friends and Family to Decorate Their Vehicles: What better way to make the drive by event more impactful than to have the train of cars all decked out too? Ask them to maybe use car-friendly paint and window stickers to really set the tone. Just advocate that anything that they decorate with complies with driving safety.

  • Consider Making Goodie Bags: Sure, social distancing is still a thing, but that does not mean you have to opt on making cupcakes, donuts, or other treats for your guests wrapped in individual baggies for them to take as they drive by. They don’t have to take them if they don’t want to, but it is still a kind gesture.

  • Make Sure You Tell Your Neighbors: If you have people close by, it would be nice to inform them about the event you are planning ahead of time as well. Doing so will give them the courtesy to know that there will be a period of time where there will be a lot of traffic, noise, and hype. Even if they are more of the quiet type, knowing what is going on will make them much more relaxed about the situation rather than finding out the hard way.

Planning your ideal outdoor drive-by event can be extremely fun to do, especially when you have the perfect yard signs and lawn decorations to truly make the whole visionary come to life. Whether it be an anniversary, graduation, birthday, or even a drive-by baby shower celebration, try out the tips mentioned above to give your event that extra boost to make it as awesome as the person you are celebrating.

If you are ready to turn your vision to a reality, contact Print, Signs & More today so you can be one step closer to your big drive-by event day.

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